We offer a few examples of the many unsolicited comments from guests of the Gnome House and Maggie's Manor to help you to understand how some of our guests enjoyed their stay here.



not dated: 

 "This place is so cool, man!!!"

July 3

3 days, 2 nights here has been wonderful!  We're really enjoyed and appreciated the fine craftsmanship in this home! It really adds to the magic of the islands.  Woke at 5 am for a beautiful drive and hike to Mt. Constitution...what a view!  Lost count of how many gnomes we saw!  The McCaffreys

July 1st

My family went to the Gnome House for 2 days and when we got there, boy did we have a surprise.  My Mom and I went exploring and saw: a deer, 2 hummingbirds, about 10 dragonflies, 1 cat, 1 fish, and almost 20 crabs at the wildlife preserve. We also saw a lot of plants and your scenery was breathtaking. I enjoyed the little alcove! This is definitely a once in a lifetime chance!  Madeline

June 27-29

We absolutely adored your little gnome House.  We loved your roses, lavender and especially your hollyhocks. The hot tub was delightful as well as the scenery.  Your property is beautiful and made for a wonderful trip. I enjoyed the "gnome facts" as well as the sleigh bed! Your covered area is amazing and beautifully woven with wood.  Thank you so much for your hospitality, Stephanie

My daughter brought me to the Gnome House for my birthday.  Was a real treat! Like the squirrel and acorn on stairs. Nice atmosphere and climb to top of hill had a very nice view., Marilyn

June 18-20

The Gnome House is a wonderful cozy getaway from the city that we can't wait to occupy again! Thanks for sharing this special space with us, Heather and Kerri

June 13-16

This little house is absolutely amazing!  It was the perfect honeymoon getaway for us. Being in the Gnome House had the same feel as our first cabin.  It brought back so many fun memories.  We will definitely be back time and time again.  Thank you so much, Justin and Elinor

June 11-13

Thanks for a wonderful time.  The kids enjoyed [laying with the gnomes, walking the grounds, feeding the birds, and exploring all the nooks and crannies in the house.  It was great to hear rain on the roof and birds in the trees without the roar of traffic.  Andy, Terry, Max and Molly

June 8-10

Our kids had a blast and so did we! Thanks so much.  loved the entire experience.  What a great change from Texas! Albert, DaVia, Paden and Morgan

June 4-7

Bob and Meg, Thank you so much for sharing the Gnome House experience with us.  We really enjoyed our stay here and on the island.  Thanks for everything, Casey and Angela

May 30

We love the craftsmanship of this little home.  We thank you for sharing this and your hospitality with us and our family on the most sacred occasion, our wedding.  David and Michelle

May 26

Had a wonderful time.  Gnome House is so enchanting.  Jeff and Robin

Our December - Early Spring 2004 guest book for the Gnome House  wandered off with one of our guests...if anyone finds it hiding in their luggage, please send it back home.  Sometimes those little gnomes can be so tricky..

November 30th

    We came to this charming abode to celebrate 2 things:  Thanksgiving, and my 33rd birthday... and we leave celebrating a third----Our Engagement .  It couldn't have been more perfect, here on Orcas, amidst beautiful scenery and wildlife.  This spot will ALWAYS hold a special place in our hearts, and we hope to return again and again!  Karin and Bill

November 30th at Maggie's Manor

    Thanksgiving time with our children and grandchildren was wonderful.  Lots of time to play games and do puzzles plus relax in the hot tub.  Since we live in different towns, being together with this beautiful view was just what we all needed.  Hope to come back with all the family for our 40th anniversary.  Don and Mary and family

November 11th

    Thank you for your whimsical insights and ability to share such with all who come to visit awhile.  charming, trippy, and just sheer joy abound in this beautifully handcrafted space.  Congratulations on your closeness to the spirits who continue to inspire your creativity.  Celebrating our 32nd year together,  we stumbled into magical charm!  Mary and Jeff

Oct. 29th

    First saw the root and driftwood shelter and was somehow over-whelmed by its rustic intricacy, so that only after days of living here do the beautiful charms of the Gnome House become the focus of amazement.  Wanted to go to the Howe Sculpture Garden but found it closed, reservations required, but no matter....the Gnome House is a sculpture that one can live in.  Saw much wildlife here on Orcas island: birds, deer, squirrels, and enjoyed the visits of the cat and dog too.  Went to town three times and found its charms each time.  Ate a delicious meal at the Deer Harbor Inn and cooked one here at the Gnome House.  Touch Wood, Water, Stone, and Fire at the Gnome House.                                                                                 written upon departure, sadly... Mary Beth

Oct. 26th

    Thank you so much for our stay here.  This house is beautiful and it's a shame we couldn't stay longer.  I couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend.  The whole Island is inspiring. Thanks again, Erica and Brian

Oct. 20th

    Thank you for the beautiful charming retreat!  I recuperated here---the warmth and coziness helped!  By the third day I was ready to go out and the weather was the best!  Our hike was wonderful.  Ed cooked fantastic meals and we watched a couple of great movies.  Next time I hope to explore your land more than I was able to this time.                                      Peace, Adrienne and Ed

Oct. 16th

    We found the Gnome House on the Internet.  It looked like a great getaway from the stress and hassle of the real world.  It turned out to be all of that and a lot more---there is some magic in this place. It comes from the Connors, plus all those who have stayed here and found peace and harmony---and the magic comes from the gnomes. Has to be! We enjoyed the rain, the sunshine, and the quiet.  The hot tub in a pouring rain was an experience!  We want to come back -- we will come back--soon.  Thanks again, Vic and Rhonda

Oct. 4th

    We had a wonderful time staying here.  It is quiet, peaceful and very relaxing.  Holly was very helpful and we appreciated her restaurant recommendations! Thank you, Scott and Jackie

Sept. 30

    This has definitely been a wonderful experience. We saw orcas both days we went on the whale-watching tours.  We have both found a new love and interest in this magnificent animal.  We plan on coming back again, possibly Christmas in a few years. Amy   "All I have to say is 2 words...AWESOME !!  Darcy

Sept. 23rd-Oct. 2nd at Maggie's Manor

    We stayed here for 10 days and had a very relaxing experience.  We imagined we lived in a country home and experienced eating fresh picked zucchini and apples.  We barbequed a fresh caught salmon, courtesy of the Connors.  We went into the Jacuzzi each morning to start our day.  We rented videos and Ronna played on the piano while Evan played golf.  Together we explored a lot of the island and experienced a lot of the Island food.  The oysters, the salmon, the fresh baked cinnamon rolls and bread and the blackberry pie with ice cream were especially outstanding.  We had time to unwind from city life and had many beautiful quiet moments together.  We communicated especially well because we had time and no stress.  Thanks for providing this lovely spot and all that went with it.  Warm Wishes, Ronna and Evan

Sept 13th - 21st at Maggie's Manor

    We have enjoyed 8 nights here at Maggie's.  This is a great place to stay.  We came here to get married (Dan and Laura) with our 4 children: Brendan 21, Nick 17, Connor 7 (who came down with the chicken pox while we were here and still had a great time!), and Logan 2.  We plan to be back next summer.  The Connors are great hosts.  Thanks, Laura and Duffy

Sept 14th

    As your grand-children grow up, I predict that they will take the Gnome House as their own.  It will be a sad day for humanity but those kids will sure be happy!  We love all the details that you've put into your creation.  Thank you, Daniel and Jennifer

Sept. 11

    Visiting this house was like visiting a lovely dream.  Thank you, Sherry

Sept. 10th-12th at Maggie's Manor

    The Clarksons, Carlisles, and Walshs, college friends from 1960 have thoroughly enjoyed our 3 night stay in what has to be one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.  We thank you for your kindness, especially for the magnificent salmon that tasted as though it had just come from the sea, it was so fresh.  We wish you well for the future.  Kindest Regards, G. Walsh, Huddensfield, England

Sept. 8th

    Thank you so much for everything!! The salmon was delicious, the Gnome House was cozy, and your open warmth and friendliness made us feel right at home.  Our honeymoon here was perfect! What a lovely, quiet, private spot.  We hope to be back soon.  Thank you again, Reo and Kirk

June 29th - August 31st at Maggie's Manor

    For the fourth summer in a row, the Levi Family stayed at Maggie's Manor which all four of them consider to be their "home away from home" for the summer. The Levis and Connors have become wonderful friends and both families look forward to our summer adventures.

August 29th

    We came to the Gnome House for our honeymoon, and it was wonderful!  We felt like little gnomes hiding away.  Although we didn't see any, I'm sure they were there.  The hot tub was a great added bonus! Thank you also for the salmon and crab; they were delicious!! What wonderful hosts, thank you so much! Ashley and Patrick

August 11th

    We had a good stay at the Gnome House.  It was very fun.  We enjoyed it very much.  We liked the hot tub.  The kids liked sleeping in the Gnome cubby bed. Rusty visited everyday after dinner. Thanks again, the Crane Family

August 5th

    Our kids want to move in permanently...hope that's OK.  They didn't miss our 2 cats and 2 dogs since they had replacements to pet...We recouped, relaxed, and re-energized in a perfect retreat---boating, fishing, gunk holing, reading and sleeping...that is a vacation to be sure.  Our kids (ages 8 and one turned 5 in the Gnome House) especially found the meaning of vacation and simplicity when eating and sleeping were the only thing on the agenda.                                 Thanks again,     the Smith Family

July 19th

    This has been a wonderful trip for us.  The house has been a great escape for us and I love the quiet mornings and beautiful surroundings.  We went to see the orcas yesterday, and what a  thrill to see so many, and eagles, blue heron, harbor seals, and black-tailed deer.  Thank you for letting us enjoy the pleasure of staying in the Gnome House.  Bob, you are a true craftsman and artist.  We enjoyed sailing and boating in this area with all of its inlets and natural beauty.  Our family enjoyed being here very much.  Take care, Steve, Lynn, and Michael

July 3rd

    We've never had such a great 3rd and Fourth of July! What beautiful scenery hiking around Mountain Lake and then to come home to the hot tub, and be treated to a fabulous fireworks display...well it was magical!  Janet and Steve.  PS The flowers all around Gnome House are beautiful!

June 27th - 29th at Maggie's Manor

    We are the Peterson Family spending the weekend here to celebrate our parents' 50th wedding anniversary.  Eleven of us in all (with only one missing) from Illinois and Washington.  We all had a great time and our stay here ws perfect. Thanks, E. Peterson

June 24th, 25th, 26th at Maggie's Manor

    We are the Shotz-Hahn families, celebrating a medical school graduation and a 50th weeding anniversary.  We have enjoyed a magnificent 3 nights and four days at this beautiful home.  The views from all the windows are spectacular, better than we imagined and even better than described on your website.  It's been a thoroughly enjoyable respite for us all.  Thank you! Frederic 

June 15th - 22nd at Maggie's Manor

    We are the Chemers-Spear family spending the week at Maggie's Manor.  We are celebrating my 60th birthday. We are three families from Oklahoma, Mill Valley, CA, and Seattle.  Six adults, and two children, Hiro, 2 years old, and Zain, almost 1.  We have really enjoyed our stay here.  The island is beautiful and the weather has been divine.  We went whale-watching and say whales fro J pod and K pod.  It was thrilling! We have also enjoyed wonderful seafood.  We hope that whoever comes to stay here has a wonderful time.  Warmest Regards, Arlene

We have had a guest book at the Gnome House for several years, but only just now started one at Maggie's Manor.

June 13th

    The Gnome House won over even our skeptical 13 year old and that's saying something ! The Wadt Family. Hey, Thanks for letting us stay here. I love it and my bed. I love your cat, Gizmo. (cute picture in our book)  Maddy

May 13th

    This was a wonderful, wonderful experience. The Gnome House was so very charming; it was a wonderful getaway. With Michael being deployed for 8 months on the USS Lincoln, this was a perfect reunion for us, no work, no children, just US and the gnomes.  I can't wait to come back to paradise...we might even bring the kids... Thanks for sharing with us, Debbie and Michael

April 26th

    Thank you!  We felt right at home in your Gnome House!  Enjoyed the presence of the gnomes having little discussions in the flower beds, running across the beams doing acrobatics, even some clothing items came up missing! But that's OK, we've become great pals and will plan on possible gnome visits to the big mountain called Rainier.  This was a magical spot and we very much enjoyed our stay.  Paige.  Good friends, good gnomes, and a great 40th ! CMC    Thank you---we had a delightful time in the Gnome House and exploring the islands.  The gnome magic stayed with us---we saw otters, orcas, porpoise, and a red fox sitting in the sun...and lots of bunnies.  We hope to come back, Sue and Carol

April 23rd

    What an enchanting little place!  Our 2 and 3 year olds had such fun exploring all of the charms of the Gnome House. Warmly, the Amon Family

April 18th

    What a wonderfully terrific place this is.  We are so grateful that you shared it with us,  The Ames Family

April 14th

    I didn't realize how stressed out I really am, until I arrived here.  There are so many aspects that contributed to this feeling of well-being that I have right now, that I am hard-pressed to mention or describe them here.  You know what I am referring to.  I can't wait to return, Nahide

April 5th

    Hey, Meg and Bob,  We're having a great time here, like we always do. And it's only our first day! We love the Gnome House, and we love to come back.  We love our bed, it's so cool. Well, your cat is outside, so I'm gonna go give it some attention.  Haili

 March 28th

    Gnome House provided a peaceful respite from our busy live.  The effort and workmanship put into Gnome House is truly awesome! Enjoyed the time here in a  beautiful environment. Thank you for making this place of delight available.  Mike and Dana

March 25th

    The creativity and loving care applied to the constructing and finishing at the Gnome House is...superb, excellent, praiseworthy, etc !! All involved in creating this Masterpiece are admired, appreciated and honored for their creativity and labor of love.  Thank you for sharing this incomparable Gnome dwelling with us.  We would love to share it with all we know.  The love that you are...is evident here,  Adam

March 14th

    My lover brought me to the Gnome House as a surprise and it has been one incredible experience after another.  This place is magical and I will cherish this memory forever.  Thank you so much, Tatiana and David

March 10th

    To the Connors and the Gnomes---Thank you for a magical stay.  The artistry of this structure is unmatched. The energy here is serene, peaceful, joyful. The snow flurry, the hot tub, the mist, your pets, the birds all mixed into one happy memory! We had a wonderful weekend.   We will see you again someday, Kurt and Amy

    March 6

    What a wonderful house.  This was a great escape from our routine.  We really enjoyed the privacy and all the scenery. Thanks for stocking the bird feeders---the birds were quite entertaining. We hope to come back when everything is in bloom! I was really pleased to see the games.  We had a blast.   Thanks, Neal and Laurel

 February 23rd

    Our time here was fantastic! We spent most of our time simply resting here despite our plans to explore the island. We did happen to make our way to Eastsound to shop but soon the gnomes cam calling and we returned....Both of our nights includes a relaxing time in the hot tub staring up at the stars which painted the sky.  It was truly a romantic time coupled with a feeling of anonymity from our daily routines. Thank you for your hospitality.   Kevin and Jaymie

January 19-26th

    We couldn't have picked a more perfect spot for our honeymoon! What a wonderful way to start our life together. We enjoyed the quiet and the beauty.  The birds greeted us in the morning and the starts at night from the Jacuzzi. Thank you, Connors, for your help and hospitality.  We only have wonderful memories from our week here. ...We'll be back...       Cari and Aneudy


    It sure seems like we were here a whole week! Our family (three sons and our daughters-in-law), wanted a different experience and we really found it here.  It will be a Christmas we'll talk about for years!  Thanks for a wonderful Christmas.  Paglia Family

December 6-8

    "At the nome home we have faoond a lot of thins like a junkoe and a nut hach. It was sweet to liv at the nom haos"        from Isabel, age 8

November 20-23

Michelle and I came here for 3 days -- it was a surprise for me.  What on incredible surprise it has been! What an absolutely magical place -- like being in a fairytale.  I especially love the roots out back by the hot tub -- one of those mystical magical places we all dreamed about as children.  Thank you for this special place and for bringing fantasy back into life.  It has reminded us of our intense love for each other.       R and M

November 15-17

    Thank you for a wonderful weekend! The weather made for a cozy weekend cuddled up with the fire. We enjoyed the solitude of the island and it's incredible views....The relaxing weekend helped solidify our love for each other, and for the gnomes!         Thanks, Ryan and Alison

November 4-7

Thank you for the blessed time we spent during this stage of our honeymoon!  The setting lent itself to a cozy and warm and restful atmosphere --- just what we needed after our large wedding in Seattle.  We enjoyed meeting you guys, and wish you God's blessings.  Sincerely, Jared and Corrie

November 1-4

Meg and Bob,  We had a wonderful 30th anniversary getaway! The gnomes arranged for wonderful weather and were kind enough to give us our privacy so we could have some time of R&R and remember why we fell in love!!                 Thanks for the memories,  Dean and Kathy

September 25-28

    The Gnome House is delightful.  Shelby and Emily (8 and 11) claimed the hidden bed in the wall immediately and never gave it up......The relaxed pace of the island life both refreshes and motivates me to live with calm contentment every day.  This is my first visit to any of the islands -- how easily one can begin to believe that our own little world is all there is -- then you see a place like this and believe in living more of your dreams.  Blessings from the Nelson family

August 18-24

    Thanks for letting us live in the spirit of the Gnome House during our stay.  We have planned and looked forward to this trip for a while.  Imagine our delight upon arrival at stepping out of the car and picking warm, juicy, sweet blackberries.  Maddie's favorite !  Bob and Meg went out of their way to make us feel welcome and to chat with the girls.  We can't decide what our favorite thing was---we enjoyed everything we did.  We are hoping a gnome or two slipped into our suitcase for our trip home so that we could enjoy the peacefulness year round!  (Little Claire also reported that she "felt a little elbow on myself" from one of the gnomes she "encountered".)      Molly and the girls

August 12-16

    We started this month with too many stresses and anxiety-inducing details to name.  This included a bar exam and our wedding to name a few. Knowing that this was going to be a stressful period, we sought out a relaxing honeymoon. Our search led us to the Gnome House. It has been the honeymoon that we dreamed of!  The Gnome House is the perfect place to relax and reflect upon current events. In between relaxing soaks in the hot tub, we were able to go whale-watching and kayaking. On top of it all, Rusty, Ace and Gizmo were the perfect companions around the campfire, despite their obvious ploys for food.  Sasha and Heidi

August 2 & 3

    Me, my brother and my Dad had a great time here.  I enjoyed the night-time when we made fires and made s'mores. The decorations are very detailed. The Connors did a great job. I like the top of the hill with that little area where you can see the view pretty well. I also like the cave with the roots on the ceiling.  I really felt like a gnome!  Peter MacVane

July 22 week

    What a fairytale experience you created for our gang. Sophia (age 5) and Billy (age 3) particularly enjoyed the "super secret" hidden bed and the "hot swimming pool" (a.k.a. hot tub) Peter and Debbie (their parents) enjoyed the peace and tranquility offered by this little known island paradise. The views at summit at Mt Constitution were breathtaking, truly making you fee lone step closer to Heaven. And we all felt the comfort and safety of home at the Gnome House, thanks to Rusty, the dog, who camped out nightly on our doorstep (conveniently around dinnertime!) The magical memories we've made will surely stay with us for years to come!  Thanks, The Conners Family

July 8 week

Wow! What a week!  These islands are magical. From orcas to sea-kayaking, hiking and riding on a bi-plane ---we had a blast! Thank you to the Connor family for the stay! We loved every minute of it! What a great way to start a marriage!  CJ and Mandie

June 17-23

    Thanks for helping to provide the best vacation we have been on together yet!  The Helmes family

June 11 week

    Thank you and the "animals" for making this trip so special for us.  Our visit here, to your truly enchanted cottage, will be talked about and relived many, many times during the next months.  We will be back. Count on it!                             Meredith and Amanda

May 29-June 5

    We have had a wonderful week here in the San Juans.  The Gnome House has been especially delightful, comfortable and charming. We do so hate to  leave. ....our 25th anniversary celebration was truly memorable.  Thanks so much for being here.          Harold and Sue

May 26-29

    Thank you for this delicious slice of time in which to relax utterly in the beautiful Gnome House.  We were just married last Saturday. that day and the time leading up to it were exciting and hectic.  How wonderful to escape to this pastoral island full of crannies to explore --everything unfolding quietly before us.  We hope to return for a longer stay at this sweet place, with more time to linger in the Sleigh of Dreams!          Eleanore and Bing


    We feel very lucky to have discovered and enjoyed the special magic of this house and its beautiful setting.  Of course, we were concerned about the gnomes at first -- after all, it is the "Gnome House".  I thought they might be mischievous or troublesome, but apparently I had them confused with Gremlins, which are another matter indeed.  It seems that gnomes never make trouble. In fact, they seem to delight in carting it away. 

     The first morning in Gnome House, I awoke in the sleighbed and thought I saw something move near my suitcase.  Just then the smell of apple-crisp baking in the oven downstairs distracted me...when I looked back, I discovered that my entire bag of worries was missing.  Suspecting it might be the work of gnomes, I carefully laid out our other things on the dresser -- Just to see what might happen.  There was  a small box of assorted qualms, several seeds of guilt, and a couple of deep concerns all carefully cultivated during the previous winter.  

     Sure enough they all began to disappear...but not while we were out of the house enjoying the beauties of this island. Nor did they vanish during the night when we were sleeping: these were gnomes, not shoemaker's elves.  It seems that gnomes take great delight in hinting they are around and then creating ingenious distractions to keep you from actually seeing them.    

    Near dusk on the second evening a hummingbird appeared in the flowering currant bushes outside the east windows.  While we watched it feed, I heard a noise in the loft and rushed up the spiral staircase to find that both of our deep concerns were gone! The next morning sunlight streaming in the windows created an amazing light-show that mesmerized us both, while upstairs, the gnomes made off with our entire box of qualms!

    Thus it went until we soon found ourselves sitting here in this splendid little house without a care in the world.  It'll take us a whole year to get stocked up again. Darn.             Brad and Patty                                                                                                   


Dec. 9th and 10th

             Our Honeymoon will be very memorable due to the Gnome House's charm. We loved the dark wood floors, spiral staircase, and snoozing in the "Sleigh of Dreams". The hot tub was perfect after a long day at Friday Harbor, and we learned a lot about gnomes from the "Gnome Facts" poster.  :-)  Thanks for a wonderful stay and warm hospitality. Sincerely Liz and Mark

Oct. 7

We really enjoyed ourselves here. Was possibly the most relaxing time away we've ever had........                                             Pet, Mary and Jenny Modesto Ca.

Sept. 26

We had a truly delightful stay in your Gnome House. We were as enchanted as our twins Eli and Elena (4 1/2). They loved sleeping in the gnome bed. The wood stove was cozy on a rainy day and the hot tub was a treat. Thank you for sharing your home with us. We look forward to our next visit.                                Cindy and Andy Kahn, Wenatchee WA

Sept. 23

The Gnome House provided a peaceful cozy setting to celebrate my birthday and to continue the healing process from the 911 WTC tragedy. Away from the news and surrounded by craftsman quality woodwork, fall colors, sparkling water, clear blue skies, and a mix of wildlife and domesticated animals, I was able to shed much of the stress I had been carrying and smile once again. Thank you for sharing the gift of peace. This birthday getaway, one of many, will occupy a special place in my memories.       Linda and Jim Seattle WA

Thanks for sharing your retreat-- Meg , Bob, Kelly (our Golden Retriever), Rusty (our noble mutt), and especially Gizmo! (our affectionate cat with the remote control looking tail)             Ann L.

Sept. 1

    Thanks to my boyfriend Peter who found this magical place on the internet we are up here from Seattle to enjoy a few days of paradise and a wedding. This is just the place to imagine, dream and hope -- and for wishes to come true.....Thanks for providing such a fun unique place to celebrate life.                               Vanessa N.

August 31

Meg and Bob,        Staying at the Gnome House was such a blast. The woodworking in this house is incredible. It was so much fun fishing for salmon in Open Bay and kayaking around Crane Island It was great taking the ferry to Canada and Seattle. The smoked salmon was delicious. I can't wait to come back here.               Bill, Rita, Brian, Justine, and Julia

  August 21st -28th

    Just wanted to day thank you for allowing us into your enchanting world at the Gnome house this past weekend. It was wonderful! It made our honeymoon perfect, we could not have asked for anything more. The little extra touches you add were delightful and we would love to come stay again.  Thanks again and please take care,  Tom and Yvonne

August  18

We had a great time in this charming house. Loved your cute animals........Hope other people will enjoy this house as much as we did.               Lauren Beland

August 6

We have spent 10 days at this wonderful house and fantastic Island. The house is beautiful and so relaxing. Loved Rusty and the two cats. They have been a true joy........I'm already planning next year's trip. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Gnome House.                             The Butlers Kansas City, MO.

August 6

This house is so enchantingly beautiful. I love that little loft (alcove) with the bed....It was as though the space only belonged to you. Everything seemed so calm inside it. When I woke up, I felt a presence. Maybe there are gnomes here for it feels that there are and they protect you through the night. The door to the bathroom is so cool, how it's shaped and all. The squirrel on the top of the banister is so cute. I love how special it is here. I feel special because I got to come here. Well thanks.                  Alesha (11)

Gnome Power

A truly magical experience! ...........A warm yellow glow filled the room accenting the natural beauty, and love found in all the truly beautiful craftsmanship of the Gnome House. We spent hours admiring every detail of woodwork and stone placement. There is a definite love and welcomeness of every inch of the Gnome House.                                                            Thank you, The Allards, Bothell WA

July 27

What a wonderful and beautiful place! We have had a great time and enjoyed the flowers, animals, view on "Sweetheart Hill", and the Gnome House. Thank you so much for having a place where you can leave the real world behind!  .....wedding was beautiful and this week will be an experience none of us will ever forget.  We hope to be back!! 

Jim, Lisa, Laura and Mike

July 14

This has been about the best family vacation we have ever taken.  The house was charming, and I found myself discovering something new in this or that little nook and cranny inside and out, all week long. ....Thank you from all of us for making such a special place.  It lets the imagination soar and the child inside come out to  play.

The Prosa Family Corvallis, Oregon

June 30

...spent one week here.  Very much enjoyed the setting here: private, peaceful, a home away from home.

Mike and Gina, California

June 20

A wonderful spot for a family reunion! Thank you, thank you! As a young entrepreneur, I NEEDED a vacation.  Upon arrival, the joy and serenity of nature surrounded me and I relaxed with it.  The Gnome House is a gift!                                Ruth B., New York

I enjoyed (in no special order) your cats, dogs, flowers, hot tub, sunsets, scenery, and all the good times we had in our very short stay.  Hope you will be here for us whenever we need some rejuvenation.  We love the Gnome House, and will be back!                        Nancy B., MA

The Gnome House is the coziest, mind-expanding, enchanting home.  We loved it!        Barbara and Don B., Florida

June 16

The Gnome  cottage is wonderful!...I'm hoping we will come back again...I really love this kind of atmosphere. Thanks.

Bruce and Diane D.

June 16

The Gnome House was a wonderful place to have our honeymoon!  The beautiful design of the house and perfect decorations gives it a cozy and romantic aura.  The island was also incredible --filled with surprises and wonders!

Jon and Jessica, Newberg, OR

June 9

3 nights in a truly charming cottage is not enough!  We will be back and next time stay longer. Sooo relaxing and comfortable. Incredible woodworking! A work of art. Thanks for being on the web and allowing us to find this unique place--there were many places to choose from and I know we made the right choice. WE WILL BE BACK!

Julie, Brian, and Nicholas S., New Jersey

May 5

What a wonderful place for a mother/daughter retreat. We are having long talks and enjoying all the beautiful little details...Beautiful cozy little getaway place!  We'll have lots of memories here each time we come back!

The first thing I did was scan through every room in the Gnome House. Everything I found I thought was cute! I picked out my bed and asked my mom for first pick. I scarfed down dinner in anticipation of the hot tub! Afterwards I roasted marshmallows, and am now going to bed.         Kat and L.A., Blaine, WA

May 27

...It's good for your soul! ..We splashed in the hot tub, took a twilight walk up to Sweetheart Hill, ...sitting quietly, looking at the stars and listening to the soft, mysterious night time noises. I feel wonderful. (Our son) asked if we could move here...I wish we could.      The Steens, Seattle, WA

May 29

...Then evening fell, and it started to drizzle, and the Gnome House came alive.  It was so warm, cozy and intimate. We could hear the birds, the bugs, and then the silence. Wow! It was amazing. We were lulled to sleep by the peace and nature.  We hope to be back again.  This place is wonderful.        Thank you, Josh and Kaslyn


Will post more later this week, 1/1/02 I really enjoy reading these comments. It's rewarding to my family. We keep trying to make  it even better. Sincerely Bob Connor



Bob and Meg,

Just wanted to say thank you for allowing us into your enchanting world at the Gnome House this past weekend. It was wonderful! It made our honeymoon perfect, we could not have asked for anything more. The little extra touches you add were delightful and we would love to come stay again. Thanks again and take care.         Tom and Yvonne

Hey Connors,

Thanks again for the wonderful time in the Gnome House. Eli and I really enjoyed it and we're telling all of our friends. Soon you'll be hearing from Kirk and Ellen. ....Your Spring incentives on the web site look very tempting! My partner Karen must play piano every day for her mental health, so we're always looking for places to stay with piano access. That's why Maggie's will likely be our next stop. Hopefully we can bring enough people to rent both buildings at once. Is that tricky? I'll check the calendars and figure it out...

..."...Thank you for the perfect week end!  Kristen & Hayley

..." ...Thank you for letting us stay here.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Next time we'd like to stay at Maggie's Manor.  The boys loved it." Matt, Kyla, Derek and Bradley.

..."Thank you for opening the Gnome House for lodging.  We had an ideal holiday.  The House is charming."  The Gears

...Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.  Everyone seemed to have truly enjoyed themselves and the property...Thank you for helping make our outing successful!" Lynn, Ben, family and friends

..."We would like to thank you for your generous hospitality as well as all of the extra special gestures you  have made.  You have made us feel more than welcome.  It is not often that you meet people who are so thoughtful and kind.... " Sincerely T.. and R...

... "Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and unique place for us to escape to! We enjoyed our stay here very much.  Your attention to detail (like candles, fresh flowers, and the fire set) were very nice and unexpected --neither of us recall any other place that was so nicely prepared. Thank you again...we'll be back!!" Tim and Victoria

..."The home we rented was delightful, as was the salmon you brought to us for dinner.  Thank you for being gracious hosts and kind people."  Gerry and Melissa

..."Enjoyed the Gnome House very much as did my family.  We all have the highest regard for the creativity and craftsmanship that surrounds us here. Thank you for sharing the Gnome House..." Astrid

..."A fairy tale incarnate.  Sorry we could only stay one night...." Bill and Jeanne

Here is a list of some of the improvements we have made by request, by completion, by drawing from our own experiences on vacations, and by just brainstorming for ideas to make your stay fun. 

We have a handicap accessible route to the Gnome House entrance.

We have a handicap accessible route to Maggie's Manor kitchen door.

We have bathrobes, and bath towels for your hot tubbing.

We have a huge stockpile of seasoned fire wood for the outdoor fire pits.

We have purchased and are planting more of last years most popular flowers.

We are planting numerous perennials and annuals specifically for cut flowers for our guests.

We are expanding vegetable, fruit, and berry gardens to add to your country experience see OUR FARM.

We have added more books, visitor guides and maps as well as providing binoculars.

Through the fall and winter along the wildlife preserves we'll expand the trails and give you a map.

We are ever changing our web site to help you better understand what we offer.

 We are grateful for being informed as to where we can improve and we have always strived to make improvements absolutely immediately. We enjoy making our rentals better. Our friends and relatives use these two beautiful vacation rentals too so we experience their experience and it's fun and revealing. Often someone says, "wouldn't it be great if you had... " and now we do! See what we have done to Maggie's Manor  remodel, 

and what's in store for Maggie's upgrades

Before you leave we would like to honor this beautiful event.    Blessings



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